Driving on the “wrong” side of the road in America is a little nerve wracking.

Perhaps it’s just me, but this car looks as though it should have some grunt. It’s a decent size, it’s chunky, it’s black; clearly these aren’t really stipulations for a car’s grunt factor.20111025-101037.jpg

But this Dodge Caliber has none. Putting one’s foot to the floor just results in the automatic transmission revving at 6000rpm and slowly gaining speed. Changing lanes can become a little dicey.

That aside, it has successfully transported me from JFK airport to upstate New York, America to have a look around. And it has been a pretty day.

Being autumn here the mountains are all shades of green, brown, red, orange and yellow. And leaving New York City, the landscape is wide open and smells fresh.

Travel USA New York - A church in upstate New York

A church in upstate New York

I’ve stopped by a few towns of varying wealth, some with spectacular churches and garden beds, and some with some dodgy looking folk hanging around that made me lock the doors.

Surviving my trans-America red eye from LA I only nearly turned onto the wrong side of the road once (it was a back road with no one around). And I was only honked at once (the GPS lady gave me the wrong instructions, apparently I wasn’t supposed to turn from the lane she had me in).

The “loose left and tight right” when turning corners was great advice, but I still go to grab the gear stick with my left hand and keep trying to lean on the window sill with my right arm.


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