Forests sometimes evoke tails of dark evil, but walking the Kaledonia Trail of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus has a much more peaceful air.

Kaledonia Waterfall trail Troodos MountainsFortunately there were no evil old women or big bad wolves along the Kaledonia Trail in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus today, but there was an escape route…

Called “the trail of the nightingales”, the walking trail runs alongside the Kyros Potamos river. To quote the brochure “the gurgling waters, the warbling birds, the variety of vegetation, the splashing of water at the Kaledonia falls and elsewhere, the trout in small pools, and the thick shade of trees enchant the visitor”.

Let’s say I was enchanted, but while I heard the birds, I didn’t see quite so many. I did see a marriage proposal at the waterfalls, and some cats, and was reminded that if you are returning the same way you came, what went down steeply, goes back up even more steeply.

A tip if you visit the area and want to walk the trail from the village of Troodos (as I did, the other option is to start at the other end in Platres), the beginning of the trail is about 500m along the “Old Troodos-Platres Road”. No guidebook or brochure actually tells you that and it took me a while to find it.

You can park at the entrance, though there’s only space for a few cars, otherwise start walking along the hairpin bends, past the Presidential Summer Palace and you will see a signboard explaining the trail.

Now, I’m off to rest my aching muscles.

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