Doors and windows – a photo gallery

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I have a bit of a “thing” for doors and windows – here’s a selection of the many I have photographed around the world.

Sounds of… Jerusalem

Israel Sounds of... The Middle East

Close your eyes and imagine you are in Jerusalem. People moving all around you Up and down the stairs you are standing on This is what you hear… Sounds of… is a series of sound from around the world.

Iran 41 years later

Iran Photos The Middle East Travel

A visit to Iran, specifically Persepolis and Esfahan 41 years after my Mum. I took some of her photos for comparison… not a lot had changed.

Go to Iran

Iran The Middle East Travel

 Don’t believe the sensational hype that says travel in Iran is dangerous – it’s not. 

Iran travel: Shiraz to Yazd

Iran The Middle East

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley. In Plain English: Life doesn’t always go to plan – exactly what happened on the way to Shiraz.

Iran travel: Tehran to Tabriz

Iran The Middle East

The colour and tastes of Iran illustrate a country full of friendly hospitality that will put many of us to shame.

A retrospective on the UAE

The Middle East United Arab Emirates (UAE)

A look back on a week of slow activity determined by the heat and the humidity of the United Arab Emirates in July.

The UAE in July: Hot, hot, hot

The Middle East United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Air-conditioning in the UAE lulls you into false sense of security, because when you walk outside, it's like you've walked into the middle of a furnace.

Crossing borders in Cyprus

Cyprus Europe Roadtrip

The small island of Cyprus is cut in two with a UN controlled zone in the middle.

Falling asleep to the waves on the Karpaz Peninsula

Cyprus Europe Roadtrip

With no mosques or churches in sight, waves provide the only soundtrack to a night on the beach.

Lara Beach: worth the drive

Cyprus Europe Roadtrip

A drive off-road rewarded with a spectacular view.