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Surfing the Apple

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Discovering the joys of surfing this year has turned me into a wave chaser – and the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean water wasn’t going to stop me in Portugal.

6 things I learnt on my first solo travel adventure

North America USA

It’s coming up on 15 years since my first solo travel adventure. I learnt a lot on that trip, all of which shapes the way I travel and live now.

Iranian hipsters mean good coffee

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Don’t think for a moment that because Iran is largely closed off to the world by sanctions that the people aren’t connected with what’s going on. This isn’t North Korea.

Iran travel: Shiraz to Yazd

Iran The Middle East

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley. In Plain English: Life doesn’t always go to plan – exactly what happened on the way to Shiraz.

Iran travel: Tehran to Tabriz

Iran The Middle East

The colour and tastes of Iran illustrate a country full of friendly hospitality that will put many of us to shame.