Surfing the Apple

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Discovering the joys of surfing this year has turned me into a wave chaser – and the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean water wasn’t going to stop me in Portugal.

How to pack your camera and laptop in check in luggage

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If you have to check your electronics in on your next flight, (#electronicsban anyone?), here’s the best way to keep it safe.

Tehran is the Iranian capital of style

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I’ve never been the most stylish person in the world, but next to many women in Tehran, I felt positively daggy.

Iranian hipsters mean good coffee

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Don’t think for a moment that because Iran is largely closed off to the world by sanctions that the people aren’t connected with what’s going on. This isn’t North Korea.

How to guide for travel in Iran

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Before I left for Iran I struggled to find all the information I wanted in one place, or at all. So here is my “how to travel in Iran” guide.

Iran 41 years later

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A visit to Iran, specifically Persepolis and Esfahan 41 years after my Mum. I took some of her photos for comparison… not a lot had changed.

Go to Iran

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 Don’t believe the sensational hype that says travel in Iran is dangerous – it’s not.