Beating the heat with a wine tasting amongst the healing vortices.


I was a little concerned when I looked up the temperature in Arizona before I left Australia; 38°C didn’t sound pleasant after the overcast, rainy 20°C (the perils of travel from one season to another).

But the dry desert heat with cloudless blue sky is working well for me. I’m not sure my skin knows what has hit it, but so far I have avoided sunburn thanks to the SPF30+.

I’ve seen a lot of rocks in my time, but the shape of the rock mountains in Arizona is pretty damn cool. Think of the classic photo of an American highway with two red mountains straight ahead. That’s what it looks like all over.

North of Phoenix is a place called Sedona, named after the first postmaster’s wife and is filled with psychics, aura readers and over priced gems.

It’s Indian land and a lot of the mountains have ‘vortexes’ on top. Essentially energies that are healing etc. Jessica didn’t feel any buzz or hums when she hiked up one of the vortex mountains, so make of it what you wll.

Something more up my alley in Sedona was the wine tasting, something I’ll travel for any day. Arizona has a lot of vineyards and they IMG_1078produce some dry red wines with a lot of rich and sometimes spicy flavour (and that’s it for my poncey wine talk).

They also had a sparkling white with pecan and caramel flavours, good with Thanksgiving dinner apparently, it was good for dessert for me, or in the middle of the day to finish a wine tasting.

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