Tel Aviv has a European vibe but is most certainly unique. And the best thing on a hot summer’s day is the plethora of funky bars serving iced cocktails.

20130714-191233.jpgIt’s hot, it’s humid, it’s happy hour and two for one frozen margaritas are good in any language. I figure the fanfare on the straw is the new umbrella in the drink…

It’s been a long week since I left Sydney; four countries, four languages, one of which I can’t read let alone speak, but I am now in Tel Aviv. My second trip here, but the first time to really see it.

It’s a city that could almost pass as European, yet not quite. The buildings have an Italian or French feel about them in some parts, many of the people look European (I’ve been asked for directions in Hebrew many times, so I obviously pass as a local), but there’s just something that sets it apart.

There’s a relaxed vibe about the place, people are dressed well, but casually and compared to other cities, there’s no great hustle and bustle. People are friendly, the food is delicious (I’m sure I’ll leave a few kilos heavier) and it’s pretty easy to get around, even if it is frustrating not being able to read the signs.

Being Israel, security is more present than other places, bags have to be scanned to go into a shopping centre for example and and the sight of soldiers with rifles still takes me aback. It’s something I am not used to, something that is to me so foreign, but to the people here, so normal.

And now to finish my ice cold frozen margaritas under the spinning fan, that really isn’t keeping the humidity at bay.

L’chaim (that’s Hebrew for cheers in case you were wondering).

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